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10th AHEAD–GLTFCA Working Group Meeting
24th–26th February, 2010

Venue: Casa do Sol Hotel & Conference Centre
(Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa)

NOTE: Listed presenters of technical topics are kindly asked to prepare a one page summary ahead of time and circulate these and any additional material before the meeting, or have materials ready to distribute at the start of the meeting. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.

A note on the new structure for this Animal & Human Health for the Environment And Development (AHEAD) Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) Working Group Meeting–

This year’s meeting includes three components: a one-day symposium of invited scientific papers and offered poster papers; a second day of final reports on AHEAD-GLTFCA Seed Grant projects, offered papers and posters; and a final morning session on conceptual frameworks and improving interdisciplinary / transdisciplinary research and development in the GLTFCA.

The focus for the first day is on invited single- and multi-author papers that we hope to have published as a special feature in a selected peer-reviewed journal. Following an opening keynote address on Day 1, there are three Day 1 symposium sessions: Emerging and Transboundary Diseases; Ecology, Land-Use Mosaics and Transboundary Natural Resource Management; Economics and TFCAs; and a concluding discussion session on One Health. Offered posters within these topics, and breaks to view posters, are included in the Day 1 symposium.

The second day includes reports from AHEAD-GLTFCA Seed Grant projects and offered papers and reports on progress from members of the AHEAD-GLTFCA Working Group. There will also be a further opportunity to view and present posters. An evening performance is planned from the Bennde Mutale Community Theatre Group, work that has been supported by one of the Seed Grants.

The final morning includes a working session on conceptual frameworks and how, going forward, the AHEAD-GLTFCA initiative might best contribute to supporting interdisciplinary applied research and development in the GLTFCA. Administrative matters relating to the initiative will also be covered briefly.

The following draft programme is based on the above considerations.

Blue linked items indicate available PDFs of presentations

Day One: Wednesday 24th February – Interdisciplinary TFCA Symposium

Moderator: David Cumming

0900: Opening and welcome (Hector Magome, Markus Hofmeyr)

0910: Introductions- around the room, quickly!

0930: Keynote Address: Professor Jakob Zinsstag, “One Health – A Global Perspective”

1015: Discussion

1030: Tea/Coffee break

1st Session: Emerging and Transboundary Diseases
All remaining Day 1 presenters are requested to please leave at least 5 minutes of their allotted time for questions and discussion.

1100: Keynote Review Paper: “Emerging and Transboundary Diseases in Southern Africa” (Roy Bengis)

1130: “Emerging and Transboundary Diseases in the GLTFCA region – Current Research Results and Ongoing Management Challenges” (Markus Hofmeyr, Peter Buss, Roy Bengis, Lin-Marie de Klerk, Louis van Schalkwyk, Chris Foggin and Agostinho Nazare)

1155: “Using the Community of Pathogens to Infer Inter-specific Host Epidemiological Interactions at the Wildlife / Domestic Animal Interface: A Tool for Exploring Emerging Disease Processes in their Hot Spots” (Alexandre Caron, Serge Morand and Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky)

1220: “International Animal Health Policy and One World, One Health™: Current Incompatibilities and Potential Solutions” (Gavin Thomson, Mary-Lou Penrith and David Parry)

1245: Poster Viewing

1300: Lunch Break

2nd Session: Ecology, Land-Use Mosaics and Transboundary Natural Resource Management

1400: Keynote Review Paper: “Scale Issues in the Design of Transfrontier National Parks and Conservation Areas in Southern Africa: Implications for Conservation and Natural Resource Management” (Harry Biggs, David Cumming and Edwin Muchapondwa)

1430: “Ecosystem Productivity in Relation to Land Tenure and Land Use in the GLTFCA” (Godfrey Pachavo and Amon Murwira)

1455: “Catchment Health, Rivers and the GLTFCA” (Steve Mitchell, Danny Govender and Danie Pienaar)

1520: Coffee/Tea Break and View Posters

3rd Session: Economics and TFCAs: Livelihoods and Conservation and Issues of Costs, Benefits and Trade-Offs

1610: “Tourism in Transfrontier Protected Areas as Related to Poverty Reduction” (Anna Spenceley, Ritah Tusabe and Straton Habyalimana)

4th Session: Forum – Back to One Health: How Do We Bring It All Together?

1640: 3 minute overview of key points from the Keynote Speaker and Keynote Review Paper Presenters (or selected rapporteurs), followed by an open, facilitated discussion

1705: Closure for the day. Please note tomorrow’s 8:30AM start!

Day Two: Thursday 25th February –
Reports from Seed Grantees, and Offered Papers and Posters

5th Session: AHEAD-GLTFCA Seed Grant Final Reports
Moderator: Steve Osofsky

0830: “Skills Development for Disease Monitoring in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) – Capacity Building for Wildlife Disease Diagnostics” [Emily Lane, Mary Louise Penrith (National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria); Rosa Costa (Agriculture Research Institute, Maputo); and John Lawrence (Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria)]

0850: "Zoonosis at the Interface: Lion (Panthera leo) Bovine Tuberculosis Overview and Analysis Workshop” (Yolan Friedman, Brenda Daly, Markus Hofmeyr and Peter Buss, Endangered Wildlife Trust and South Africa National Parks)

0910: “Pathogens, Parks and People: The Role of Disease in TFCA Development" (Elissa Cameron, Claire Geoghegan and team, University of Pretoria Mammal Research Institute)

0930: “Improvement of Village Poultry Health and Production by Communities in the Limpopo National Park Support Zone in Gaza Province, Mozambique" (Robyn Alders and team, International Rural Poultry Centre, KYEEMA Foundation)

0950: "Balancing Ecotourism and Livestock Production: Implications for Livelihoods and the Environment” (Cheryl McCrindle and Petronella Chaminuka, University of Pretoria, Wageningen University and University of Limpopo)

1010: Q & A and discussion on Seed Grant work: Where to next? What important questions (and / or answers) have arisen, etc.? Again, with a brief summary of key points and issues by an appointed discussant /rapporteur.

1030: Tea/Coffee Break and View Posters

6th Session: AHEAD-GLTFCA Seed Grant Final Reports (continued)
Moderator: Steve Osofsky

1100: “A Comparative Study of Institutional Arrangements for Small-Scale Livestock Farmers in Communities in the GLTFCA” (Jeanette Manjengwa and team, University of Zimbabwe Center for Applied Social Sciences)

1120: “Exploring Future Ecosystem Services: A Scenario Planning Approach to Uncertainty in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe" [Chaka Chirozva, Cees Leeuwis (Wageningen University) and Billy Mukamuri (University of Zimbabwe Center for Applied Social Sciences)]

1140: “Alternative Sustainable Futures for Post-Resettlement in the Limpopo National Park, Mozambique” (Jessica Milgroom and Ken Giller, Wageningen University)

1200: “Land Use Alternatives and Livelihood Viability in Ecosystems at Risk of Emergent Animal Diseases” (Brian Child, Gregory Parent and Jessica Musengezi, University of Florida)

1220: Q & A and discussion on Seed Grant work: Where to next? What important questions (and / or answers) have arisen, etc.? Again, with a brief summary of key points and issues by an appointed discussant /rapporteur.

1240: GROUP PHOTO, and Lunch Break (and then on to Poster Session)

7th Session: Offered Papers / Progress Reports from the Field / Posters
Moderator: David Cumming

1340: Poster Session

1410: “Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Outbreak and Response in the GLTFCA Region” (Bjorn Reininghaus)

1425: “Activities of the Research Platform – Production and Conservation in Partnership (RP-PCP) at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe: An Overview and Updates on Disease Prevalence and Contacts between Wild and Domestic Ungulates” (Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky, Alexandre Caron, Amon Murwira, Fadzai Zengeya, Mark Zvidzai, Timothy Dube, Calvin Gomo, Davies Pfukenyi and Patience Zisadza)

1440: “Vulnerability of Crop-Farming Households in Drought-Prone South-Eastern Zimbabwe” (Chrispen Murungweni, Eric Smaling, Mark van Wijk and Ken Giller)

1455: “Drivers of Fence Permeability in Kruger National Park” (Ken Ferguson, Laura Adam and Ferran Jori)

1510: “Incorporating Climate Change into Conservation Planning for the SADC Region: Perspectives of a Climatologist Working in Conservation” (Anton Seimon)

1525: Q & A

1530: Tea/ Coffee Break and View Posters

8th Session: Offered Papers / Progress Reports from the Field
Moderator: Mike Kock

1615: “Beyond Livestock: Broadening FAO’s Approach At the Livestock / Wildlife / Human Health Interface” (Susanne Munstermann and Scott Newman)

1630: “New Regional OIE Collaborating Centre for Integrated Training in Livestock and Wildlife Health and Management” (Koos Coetzer, Peter Van den Bossche, Eddie Webb, Johann Kirsten, Richard Burroughs, Anthony Musoke, Janusz Paweska and Mike Modisane)

1645: “Can BTB Hide in the Beef and Game Meat We Eat?" (Maretha Van der Merwe and Anita Michel)

1700: Q & A

9th Session: Community Outreach

1715: Community Outreach and Scenarios: Introduction by ResourceAfrica (Chunky Phiri) and performance by Bennde Mutale Community Theatre Group

1815: Closure for the day. Please note tomorrow’s 8:30AM start!

Day Three: Friday 26th February – Conceptual Frameworks and Progress

10th Session: Conceptual Frameworks and Interdisciplinary / Transdisciplinary Progress in the AHEAD-GLTFCA Programme. How is the TFCA doing? How can AHEAD-GLTFCA best assist?
Moderator: Markus Hofmeyr

0830: “AHEAD-GLTFCA Conceptual Frameworks Revisited, & Institutional Arrangements” (David Cumming)

0900: Commentary from keynote speakers (3-5 min each)

0930: Open discussion: Issues relating to interdisciplinary / transdisciplinary research and state of information-sharing within and between countries

1000: Open discussion on applying knowledge: What actions can we take to improve conservation and development outcomes with a focus on system health?

1030: Tea/Coffee Break and View Posters

1100: Administrative matters, MOUs, LoUs, web-based ‘wiki’ Projects Table, funding, AOB, next meeting (volunteer hosts?), etc.

1130: Closing Discussion: Ideas and Thoughts on Future Directions for the AHEAD-GLTFCA initiative (led by Markus Hofmeyr and SANParks colleagues)

1200: Thanks and closure. Lunch on your own, departures. (Posters taken down by authors.)


* “Progress and Challenges Experienced in the Establishment of TFCAs” (Livingstone Maluleke)

* “Land Claims in Government-Owned Conservation Areas: the Matshakatini Nature Reserve, Madimbo Corridor (South Africa)” (Clara Bocchino)

* “Diseases and Food Safety Issues at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface” (Cheryl McCrindle, Petronella Chaminuka and Shashi Ramraj)

* “Endemic Anthrax in the Herbivores of Etosha National Park: A Disease and Movement Ecology Perspective Focusing on Zebra, Elephants, and Scavengers” (Wayne M. Getz, Steve Bellan, Justin Brashares, Carrie Cizauskas, Holly Ganz, Pauline Kamath, Werner Kilian, Orr Spiegel, Wendy Turner, Russell Vance and Royi Zidon)

* “The SANParks People Objectives – Research and Management” (Louise Swemmer)

* “Value of Neorautanenia amboensis (Schinz) as Feed for Cattle During Drought in South-Eastern Zimbabwe” (Chrispen Murungweni, Jens Andersson, Mark van Wijk, Issiah Gwitira, Ken Giller and Eric Smaling)

* "The Presence of Cryptosporidium spp. in Wild Mammals in the Kruger National Park, South Africa" (Nada Abu Samra, Samie Amidou, Ferran Jori and Peter Thompson)

* “Key Perceptions and Needs of Communal Livestock Farmers in the Bushbuckridge District Adjacent to the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa” (Jacques Van Rooyen, Ellen Vandamme, Maxime Madder, Eddie Webb, Koos Coetzer, Peter Van den Bossche and Nick Kriek)

* ”Population Trends of Large Herbivores in the Gonarezhou National Park and Surrounding Communal Lands, Southeast Zimbabwe, between 1989 and 2009” (Edson Gandiwa, Ignas Heitkönig, Herbert Prins, Amon Murwira and Cees Leeuwis)

* “Just Like Medicine But Fun – a ‘One Health’ Medical and Veterinary Student Interaction in Rural South Africa” (Greg Simpson and Mosa Moshabela)

* “A Progress Report: Wildlife Rabies Vaccination Campaign in the Orpen State Veterinary Area” (Ferreira du Plessis)

* “Rangeland Utilization within the Home Range of Cattle in the Dry Season, Malipati Communal Land, Zimbabwe” (Fadzai Zengeya, Amon Murwira and Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky)

* “Waterhole Use Patterns by Wild and Domestic Herbivores in and around Gonarezhou National Park” (Mark Zvidzai, Amon Murwira and Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky)

* “A Survey of Brucellosis in Wild and Domestic Animals in the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe” (Calvin Gomo et al.)

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