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7th AHEAD–GLTFCA Working Group Meeting
8th-9th March, 2007

Venue: ARA-SUL "Clube A Palhota" Resort
at Pequenos Libombos Dam, Boane District, Mozambique

NOTE: Listed presenters of technical topics are kindly asked to prepare a one to two page summary ahead of time and circulate these and any additional material before the meeting, or have materials ready to distribute at the start of the meeting. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.

Blue linked items indicate available PDFs of presentations

Day One: Thursday 8th March

0900 Welcome (Bartolomeu Soto)

0905 Introductions- around the room and Nicky Shongwe’s role in AHEAD-GLTFCA initiative (Piet Theron)

0920 Brief introduction to AHEAD and background (Nicky Shongwe)

0935 Objectives and format of the 7th full Working Group Meeting and adoption/adjustment of agenda (Nicky Shongwe)

0945 “The AHEAD-GLTFCA Programme: Key Questions and Conceptual Framework Revisited”. Presentation, discussion of revised Framework document (David Cumming)

1045 Tea/Coffee break

1110 “Addressing animal disease threats and priorities in the GLTFCA- a JMB Conservation & Veterinary Sub-Committee Update on Progress”
(part AMarkus Hofmeyr)
(part BNazare Mangueze)

1140 “South Africa / Mozambique collaboration on animal disease surveys: progress update”
(part APeter Buss)
(part BCarlos Lopes Pereira)

1200 “Update on OVI BTB approaches of relevance to the GLTFCA (Claire Geoghegan on behalf of Anita Michel)

1210 “CIRAD Lowveld Livestock Project (CLLP) and other activities” (Alexandre Caron)

1230 “Preliminary assessment of human TB / BTB in rural areas of Mozambique” (Custódia Mucavele, Elisabete Nunes, Adelina Machado, Mateu Espansa)

1250 Q & A, group discussion on TB/BTB, other interface diseases and priority actions needed (facilitated by David Cumming)

1300 Lunch

1400 “Community perspectives on interface issues” (Community Representatives- Obede Baloi & Sebastião Maluleque- Massingir area, Limpopo National Park)

1500 “Transfrontier conservation: Historical and livelihood considerations within the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area” (Webster Whande)

1525 “Resettlement and the GLTFCA: Current and pending livelihood strategies in the Limpopo National Park area” (Rebecca Witter, Jessica Milgroom)

1545 Tea/Coffee break

1615 "Contributions of improved village poultry to food security, income generation, decreased bush meat consumption and avian influenza preparedness" (Candido Faiela)

1630 “The Community Water Efficiency Programme (COWEP): Lesson Learned about Protected Area / Community Relations” (Alexis Symonds)

1645 “CASS community-based scenarios (IDRC) project update” (Jeanette Manjengwa, Chaka Chirozva)

1710 “Update on GLTFCA tri-national scenarios planning efforts (Sand County Foundation, USAID project)” and facilitated discussion (Michael Murphree, et al.)

1730 Brief review of progress, outline of tomorrow’s programme and break for evening (Facilitator: Shongwe) Adjourn for dinner (dinner provided by WCS)- Please come back for early start on Day 2!

Day Two: Friday 9th March

0830 “Update on Mozambique World Bank TFCA project, incl. animal health components” (Madyo Couto, Carlos Pereira)

0900 “Updates from SELCORE, LWA and CESVI” (David Cumming)

0930 “Update on PPF's GIS database and its availability for / applications to GLTFCA work” (Craig Beech) CANCELLED – presenter unavailable

0950 Group discussion on GIS / information-sharing (facilitated by David Cumming)

1000 “The spatial dynamics of wildlife populations across and along the north-western Kruger National Park boundary fence, South Africa” (Ken Ferguson)

1015 “Public health risks and benefits from interactions of humans and their domestic animals with wildlife and wildlife-related activities – a pilot project proposal” (Greg Simpson)

1030 Tea/Coffee break

1100 “Brief informal presentations / updates by proponents of other concepts / projects developed so far (working through Themes, Modules and Projects Table)” (Facilitator: Cumming)

1145 “Need for a core AHEAD GLTFCA steering group- now’s the time!” (presenters: Murphree / Shongwe / Cumming / Kock / Osofsky / others as available) and group discussion (Facilitator: Cumming)

1215 Institutional commitments to the programme: finalising “letters of collaboration,” etc. (Facilitator: Cumming)

1230 Next steps, actions and responsibilities (Facilitator: David Cumming)

1245 Next meeting- when, where, and seeking a volunteer host? (Facilitator: Nicky Shongwe)

1300 Thanks and closure (lunch provided)

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