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11th AHEAD–GLTFCA Working Group Meeting
2nd–4th March, 2011

Venue: Mopani Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa

NOTE: Listed presenters of technical topics are kindly asked to prepare a one page summary ahead of time and email these to merle@mpu.co.za before the meeting, or have materials ready to distribute at the start of the meeting. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.

Blue linked items indicate available PDFs of presentations

Day One: Wednesday 2nd March

Opening Session

0830: Opening Remarks and Welcome (Richard Burroughs)

0835: Keynote Address: “Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Monitoring” (Roy Bengis)

0905: Questions and Discussion

0935: Introductions- around the room, quickly!

0945: Tea/Coffee

All presenters are requested to please leave at least 5 minutes of their allotted time for questions and discussion.

2nd Session: Human Health, Livelihoods, and Their Links to Animal and Ecosystem Health in the GLTFCA

1015: “One Health and Zoonotic Outbreaks in South Africa” (Lucille Blumberg)

1035: “As Anthrax Moves towards the Kruger Boundary: A Perspective on Human Health Risks” (John Frean)

1055: “Introduction to the Mnisi Community Programme and the Latest Findings Regarding Baseline Research on Ecosystem Health, Cattle Production and Health Management at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface within the GLTFCA, South Africa” (Jacques van Rooyen)

1115: “The Mnisi Project” (Greg Simpson and Lucille / Belinda / Riann Twine)

1135: “Zoonoses in the Manyeleti Area” (Jacktone Okuthe)

1155: “Investigating Zoonotic Diseases at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park” (Ferran Jori; Munstermann, S; Mokopasetso, M; Etter, E; Mhongovoyo, J; Nkgowe, C: Michel, A and Newman, S)

1215: “Activities of the Research Platform- Production and Conservation in Partnership (RP-PCP) on the Wildlife / Livestock Interface in the SE Lowveld of Zimbabwe: Outputs after Three Years” (Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky, Murwira, A; Caron, A; Pfukenyi, D; Mundy, P; Fritz, H; Mukamuri, B; Manjengwa, J and Mwenje, E)

1235: Discussion

1245: Lunch break

1340: “Assessment of Air- and Water-Related Human Health Effects among At-Risk Communities Residing in the Upper Olifants Water Management Area” (Caradee Wright; Oosthuizen, M A; John, J; Albers, P; le Roux, W; Steyn, M; Genthe, B and Oberholster, P)

1400: “The Kavango-Zambezi TFCA: Policy and Process Observations from a One-Health Perspective” (Mark Atkinson)

1420: “How Relevant is Climate Change to SADC Transfrontier Conservation Areas?” (Anton Seimon)

1440: Tea/Coffee

3rd Session: Animal Disease Control Measures: How Do These Affect Livelihoods?

1520: “Challenges Managing Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface Level on Mongolia's Eastern Steppe” (Enkee Shiilegdamba; Bolortsetseg, S; Fine, A and Joly, D)

1540: “Linking Livestock Disease and Human Behaviour to Improve Rural Public Health: A Case Study of Mycobacterium bovis and Milk in South Africa” (Claire Geoghegan; Hlokwe, T; Raseleka, K; Marcotty, T; Getz, W and Michel, A)

4th Session: Disease Transmission at the Interface

1600: “Prevalence of Diseases at Different Wildlife / Livestock Interfaces in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area” (Alexandre Caron; Miguel, E; Jori, F; Hofmeyr, M; Pfukeyni, D; Foggin, C and de Garine-Wichatitsky, M)

1620: “Contacts between Domestic Cattle and African Buffalo in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area: Potential for Disease Spread” (Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky; Miguel, E; Cornélis, D; Grobois, V; Foggin, C; Jori, F; Hofmeyr, M and Caron A)

1640: “Disease Dynamics of Bovine Tuberculosis and Rift Valley Fever: A Possible Role for Immune-Mediated Interactions in Coinfected African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer)” (Brianna Beechler; Ezenwa, V and Jolles, A)

1700: Discussion

1730: Video on The Need for Compatibility between Wildlife Conservation & Livestock Development in Southern Africa (Gavin Thomson and Bedelia Basson)

1900: Dinner

Day Two: Thursday 3rd March

5th Session: Governance, Law and Policy Challenges for the Implementation of the GLTFCA: A Multi-Layered Presentation from the GLTFCA Policy Research Group

0800: Session Keynote Presentation: “Whither State Sovereignty in a TFCA?” (Francois Venter)

0820: “Implementation Challenges for the GLTFCA” (Clara Bocchino)

0840: “Developing Legal Principles for the Management of TFCAs” (Niel Lubbe)

0900: “The Realisation of Environmental and Socio-economic Rights in the GLTFCA” (Willemien du Plessis)

0920: “Environmental Governance Perspectives on the Role of the Private Sector in TFCAs” (Reece Alberts and Louis Kotze)

0940: “TFCA Management Coexists with Local Governments: The Principles” (Anél du Plessis)

1000: Tea/Coffee

1050: “Harmonising the Law and Its Enforcement Across Borders: A TFCA Objective” (Stephen de la Harpe)

1110: “Taking State Law and Customary Law into Account for Conservation Areas” (Christa Rautenbach)

1130: “Possible Adaptations to Community-Based Conservation: Results of a Meta-Study” (Suzi Malan)

1150: “The Policy, Economic, Legislative and Regulatory Environment for Commercial Export of Beef from TFCAs” (Dermot Cassidy)

1210: Discussion

1230: Lunch break

6th Session: Sustainable Development: How Do Economic Activities in TFCAs Affect Livelihoods, Profit and Conservation?

1330: Introduction to the Session: “Sustainable Development: How do Economic Activities in TFCAs Affect Livelihoods, Profit, and Conservation” (Anna Spenceley)

1340: “Is Public - Private Partnership a Consistent Arrangement for Mozambique´s Conservation, or a Periodic Illusion?” (Bartolomeu Soto)

1400: “Grappling with the Inherent Contradictions and Tensions in the TFCA Model: A Case-Study from the Chimanimani TFCA” (Andrew Kingman)

1415: “The Fine Line between a Dream Realised and a Dream Shattered” (Glynn O’Leary)

1430: “The Adventure of Covane Community” (Vasco Acha)

1445: “Communities and Private - Public Sector Partnerships: Challenges and Pitfalls in Working as a Private Sector Broker in the Transfrontier Conservation Areas Tourism Development Project, TFCATDP” (Manuel Mutimucuio)

1500: “Sustainable Economic Activities in TFCAs: An NGO Perspective with a Business Edge” (Harry van der Linde)

1515: Tea/Coffee

1530: “Balancing Transboundary Conservation, Economic Activities and Rural Livelihoods in Southern Africa: Breaking New Barriers” (Brian Jones)

1550: “Wildlife Ranching on Private Land in Namibia Confers Economic, Social and Conservation Benefits” (Peter Lindsey)

1610: “Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): Feasibility and Implementation in the Maloti – Drakensberg Transfrontier Project Area” (Steve McKean and Myles Mander)

1630: “High-End Ecotourism as a Sustainable Land-Use Option in Rural Africa: The Role of Employment in Reducing Poverty, Improving Social Welfare and Stimulating Economic Growth” (Sue Snyman)

1650: “Stakeholder Perspectives on the Potential for Community-Based Ecotourism Development and Support for the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana” (Naomi Moswete; Thapa, B and Child, B)

1710: Discussion

1830: Video Presentation (Nick Ellenbogen)

1930: Dinner

Day Three: Friday 4th March

7th Session: Monitoring of Disease

0800 “Regional Planning for Cheetah and Wild Dog Conservation: Mozambique as a Success Story” (Abel Nhabanga ; Purchase, G and Pariela F)

0820 “Achievements of the Epidemiological Network for Monitoring the Dynamics of Foot and Mouth Disease in the GLTFCA (CORUS Project, 2008-2011)” (Ferran Jori; Etter, E; Heath, L; Caron, A; Massicame, Z and Thompson, P)

0840: “Shifting Sands of Conservation:  Rapid Veterinary Assessments in 2007 and 2010 in Limpopo National Park” (Michael D Kock; De Nazare Mangueze, A; Murphree, M and Bocchino, C)

0900: “Disease in Free-Ranging Wildlife from the GLTFCA Since 2009” (Emily Lane, Bengis, R; de Klerk-Lorist, L M; Hofmeyr, M; Buss, P; Govender, G; Reininghaus, B and Michel, A)

0920: “The Prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp. Oocysts in Wild Mammals in the Kruger National Park, South Africa” (Nada Abu Samra; Jori, F; Samie, A and Thompson, P)

0940: “Progress / Results of the EPISTIS Project:  Spatial Risk Model for FMD at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface of the Kruger National Park” (Louis van Schalkwyk; De Clercq, E; De Pus, C; Dion, E; Vanhuysse, S; Hendrickx, G and Van den Bossche, P)

1000: Tea/Coffee

8th Session: Tools and Methodologies

1040: “Local-Level Scenario Planning Experiences in Sengwe Communal Lands, Chiredzi, Zimbabwe” (Billy Mukamuri and Chaka Chirozva)

1110: “Disaster Risk Reduction and its Relevance for TFCAs” (Dewald van Niekerk)

9th Session: Next Steps for the AHEAD-GLTFCA Initiative

1130: Onderstepoort, SANParks and AHEAD-GLTFCA Working Group Coordination- Overview and Discussion (Richard Burroughs)

1230: Concluding Remarks (AHEAD-GLTFCA Steering Group Members). Lunch on your own, departures.

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